What is the key function of Fl@World?

Data is uploaded to and ‘flattened’ by Fl@World so that it can be read by any application or platform. Your ‘flattened’ data is now vendor neutral and platform agnostic so that you no longer have to worry about the cost and complexity of compatibility issues, ready to share, integrate and collaborate inside and outside the organisation once data access permissions are assigned.

How does Fl@World create data ecosystems with entities outside of the organisation?

Fl@World enables dynamic collaboration with entities outside of the organisation through Data Connection Points.  You can think of Connection Points as ‘hubs’ where flattened data is combined and viewed with other flattened data (from your own sources or sources outside your ‘firewalls’) that you’ve agreed to work with.

To combine flattened data, you simply create a Data Connection Point. This creates a unique address. (Think of it like creating an ultra-secure, empty house on a street - only you know it’s there, what the address is and you have the only key). Then you select what flattened data you want to add to this new Data Connection Point. Simply add the participants that you would like to give access to the Data Connection Point.

Fl@World creates a unique address and key for each participant. Permitted participants, using their own key to your Smart Data Connection Point, can view the Smart Data that is there and, if you’ve given them permission , can also add their own Smart Data to it.

Who is the owner of the data?

Fl@World always tracks data ownership. In Fl@World terminology if you load the data Fl@World deems you to be the data-owner. The data-owner controls precisely how their data is utilized.

Does Fl@World change my data into a proprietary format that makes it difficult to use or retrieve if I stop using Fl@World? 

Fl@World creates its own metadata layer using your data. It securely stores your original data ‘as is’, along with your Smart Data version of it, in your own individual Fl@World data vault. You can always retrieve, update and delete your data at any time.

Where does Fl@World store my data? 

All of your data - your Smart Data and any Smart Data Connection Points you created along with any Smart Data Connection Points that you have been granted access to - is stored in your individual data vault. Your data vault may be replicated onto other storage devices only for fault tolerance reasons (e.g. if a server farm and/or storage devices went offline) but it is never backed up onto offline storage.

Your data vault and each item inside your data vault is individually encrypted – it is only by you giving explicit permission that Fl@World can enable other participants to utilise your data. Simply put, there is no ‘back door’ method of reading your data.

How does Fl@World meet global data compliance requirements? 

Fl@World’s global data compliance functionality includes:

  • Per individual, per data item encryption in-flight and at-rest

  • Data owners can control all aspects of how they share their data including the ability to remove access to and remove data from the platform at any time, in realtime

  • No unauthorised access to data

  • Full transparency of all data use.

  • Enterprise level data access controls and logging making security/compliance audits simple

  • Every data change is versioned. That, combined with Fl@world logs, provides a step-by-step chain of evidence

  • All logs and data stored on Fl@world have corresponding checksum receipts preventing data to be added, changed or removed from Fl@world in an unauthorised manner.