What is Fl@World

Data has the potential to be one of the organisation’s greatest assets and opportunities to create value and generate revenue: delivering real-time, personalised customer and employee experiences, innovation, supply chain integration, organisation transformation and business growth. 

But for businesses of every size and sector, across all areas of the organisations, issues around big data - and the time and cost to ‘fix’ them - are escalating out of control.

  • Exponential growth of unstructured and structured data

  • Multiple data sources within and outside of the organisation

  • Disjointed customer and employee experiences

  • Data compliance and PII safety

  • Organisation operating in data and technology silos

There are a myriad of systems, processes and applications, all filled with data, and none of it works together.

Fl@World integrates structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, across technologies and organisations, to enable you to manage and control your data complexity and compliance issues, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Through its real-time unified view and embedded analytics, Fl@World enables you to analyse and enhance the relationships between your data and data ecosystems, unlocking actionable insights to realise the value of data, fast. 

Get control over your data today. Realise the value of data tomorrow

How It Works

Developed, refined and driven by deep global experience gained from Tier 1 companies and Silicon Valley startups in industries across Telecommunications, Energy/Resources, Financial Services and Media. Fl@World is a state-of-the-art technology ready for immediate deployment in your organisation.


Combine your data:

Out-of-the-box capability combines data from different systems, processes and applications from within or external to your organisation.

Whether you use your own on-premise computers or utilise public, private or hybrid cloud capabilities, Fl@World integrates simply with your existing security polices and technologies.  


Use only what you need:

Fl@World scales to your demands so you only use what you need, when you need it. Fl@World licensing is flexible and based on Connection Points.

As an example, a Connection Point is created for an individual customer where all data relating to that customer is securely, selectively shared and utilized. Permissions on data sources are granted by the data owner. No permission - no data admission. 


Integrate with existing systems

With Fl@World you are more reactive and proactive to customer needs because you have access to all your data sources, not just some of them, at any one time. To do this, Fl@World integrates with legacy systems because it’s vendor neutral and technology agnostic. It’s a single platform that brings together data for accurate decision making and customer servicing.

Features and Benefits

Forms Real-time Data Ecosystems –Fl@World forms real-time data eco-systems within and between technologies and organisations, enabling disparate systems to work together seamlessly and share data frictionlessly.

Data Compliance & Security – Fl@World ensures data is safe and secure, audited and access controlled, capturing a chain of evidence that meets compliance regulations around the world and keeps personally identifiable information (PII) safe.

Integrates Structured & Unstructured Data  - Fl@World is designed to manage the exponential increase of data, 90% of which is unstructured, creating its own meta data layer without changing your data format to enable you to share multi-party data real-time.

Cost-effective, Scalable, Out-of-the-box Solution - Implementable same day, Fl@World scales incrementally, with no need for specialist capability. 

Provides a Real-time Unified View & Embedded Data Analytics – Fl@World provides a real-time unified view of data and data relationships, including data journey, sources and connections, and embedded data analytics capability to enable real-time actionable insights.

Get control over your data, quickly and simply.  – With its easy-to-use interface, Fl@World gives you the capability to get control over the escalating challenges of data silos, data ownership, complex ecosystems, smart devices, IoT and the ever-increasing complexity of customer demands 


Designed for large scaling, data compliance and managing data complexities, Fl@World is the data ecosystem technology for you to unleash your global, data economy opportunities.


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Fl@World enables you to manage and control your data complexity and compliance issues, quickly and cost effectively. With its easy-to-use interface and data permissions, Fl@World empowers users across the organisation to create value and generate revenue from data. To find out more about how Fl@World can transform your world of data, complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch to organise a demonstration.


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