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Co-Founder and CEO of FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd and KimMic International Pty Ltd, Kim is a globally respected thought leader on disruptive approaches, transformational trends and international business strategies - particularly those involving innovation and the global DACE (Digital, Attention and Collaboration Economies) - and a renowned collaboration consultant and coach.

From the inception of both companies Kim has been at the forefront of the company’s focus on FIA (Future Internet Architecture), Smart Data, digital disruption and Enduser engagement and empowerment. 

The world’s first branded Flat World Navigator, she is the award-winning author of Flat World Navigation: Collaboration and Networking in the Global Digital Economy (2015) and Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World (2013) which have been translated into Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

Currently sitting on Griffith University’s Enterprise Advisory Board (Aus) and the Advisory Board for WordSmithRapport (USA), Kim is also an Academy Fellow of the International Entrepreneurship Academy. She has been named by Innovation Excellence as a top 10 Innovation blogger and included in the inaugural ‘LinkedIn Power Profiles - Australia’ top-ten list.

Formerly, Kim was a writer/editor for national and international newspapers and magazines and host/producer of an award winning radio program. During this time she sought and secured interviews with 100’s of fascinating people such as: former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright; film director, Terry Gilliam; theoretical physicist, Brian Greene; and authors John Irving, Amy Tan and Tom Wolfe.

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Michael is the Co-Founder and CTO/CDO of FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd and KimMic International Pty Ltd.

A hands-on thought leader, he is world-leader in the design, development and delivery of state-of-the-art and next-generation, real-time, hyper-personalised, omni-channel digital experience technology integrated with leading-edge machine learning, embracing new technologies such as bots, drones, real-bots, Google Home, etc. This, combined with his deep data-security, cyber-security, compliance and auditing experience and awareness, enables him to deliver world-class, enterprise-grade, scalable, secure solutions that comply with the growing demands of governmental compliance, from Anti-Money-Laundering to Data Security (e.g. GPDR).

Michael has vast experience in technological and organisational innovation specialising in delivering competitive advantage through cutting edge innovation, communication and organization. He is a world leader in lateral thinking, combining technology and innovative organization to meet need. A ‘specialist generalist’, he combines very deep knowledge of technology, systems and global business while absorbing his client’s unique industry and challenges to synthesise pragmatic solutions, which can be implemented as quickly and effectively as possible. He is driven to give his clients a superior business result, and is fully conversant in strategic, operational planning, budgeting and P&L management.

Michael’s cross functional capabilities include in-depth, multi-national business experience through to designing, building, implementing and supporting systems along with extensive end-to-end program management and cross-cultural team building experience.

Unique to the experience Michael brings, he is also a full-stack-engineer. This enables him to not only build and deliver complete systems but also to focus, motivate and grow teams to a world-class delivery level.  



Jennifer is a tenacious executive always looking for smarter solutions to accelerate the achievement of business results. Leveraging her recent experience as the CEO of an ASX listed startup, as well as almost 20 years at IBM in various executive roles in Complex Global Sales, Operations, Finance and Delivery, including some transformational project roles, Jennifer is able to think holistically and join the dots to create executable business strategies. She has an insatiable curiosity to embrace change, leverage technology and her fail fast attitude within an agile environment ensures she delivers on making new beginnings a reality. Her experience in leading Sales engagements as well as coaching teams has provided a solid foundation to apply in scaling up businesses.

Jennifer is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors as well as a Chartered Accountant, which drive good governance and financial disciplines in all her engagements. She holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science (Hons) degree from the University of South Africa. 



Rachel is a strategic brand marketer with over 25 years’ experience transforming organisations to be brand driven, customer centric, employee empowered and results focussed. She believes that people and brands are an organisation's most valuable assets; and that data - quantitative and qualitative - combined with thinking strengthens the relationship between people, brands and business to unlock value and drive growth. 

With ten years client-side and ten in agencies, Rachel has since been operating her own consultancy for the last five and a half years. Her experience has been developed across global, regional and local markets, a variety of industries, organisation size and structures, and audiences.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Business, Major in Marketing and certificates in Employer Brand Leadership, Digital Marketing and Behavioural Economics. She is a Fellow and Certified Practising Marketer of the Australian Marketing Institute and member of the Australian Market & Social Research Association. 

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john dobbin: global sales director

John Dobbin is a seasoned technologist and businessman that has been at the cutting-edge of technology revolutions for 30 years.   

In the late 80's he grew pioneering machine vision and AI-innovator TTS Technographics from nothing to being a valued partner of some of Australia's leading mining, architectural and engineering companies, delivering quarter-on-quarter growth for 12 consecutive quarters. In the mid 90's, as a Solution Consultant for The Art Machine, he designed and sold large-scale postscript publishing systems, and innovative network solutions to support them, into Australia's top advertising agencies, publishers, and printers. In the late 90's he founded his own company, Nexus, to push the envelop of emerging digital media technologies, Digital Asset Management and XML Publishing. He grew the company into the one of the leading Graphics Systems Integrators in the world, selling cutting-edge systems and infrastructure into Who's Who of global media companies including: Carat, M&C Saatchi, Toyota, PMP Limited, Websend, News Ltd, OK!Magazine, Marketforce, EMAP, Publicis, GEON, Bluestar, Kordia, MCA, Olgivy & Mather, STW Group, Oxford University Press, Dymocks, ABC, LexisNexis and many others; and pushing clients into the early adoption of new technologies and processes such as Agile Delivery and Cloud Computing.   

John has a background in Mathematics and Computer Science and holds a Masters in Organisational Development. 

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Ravi Madhavan is a highly experienced, outcome driven senior Services and IT Executive with over 20 years of success in enabling and driving Organizational and Digital strategy, Business Innovation and Operations. His focus on sales, strategic planning, business analysis, channel development and people management is instrument to propelling business growth and transformation.

Ravi has wide ranging experience at Board and CXO level working with tier one multinationals in multiple sectors including technology, energy, government, transportation and education to deliver digital transformation and drive sustainable innovation and growth. As a business leader, he has a reputation for effective and decisive execution of strategy, a proven ability to build and lead strong, successful teams, delivering against challenging growth targets and producing high quality outcomes that deliver tangible benefits to an organization’s bottom line.

As a Digital and Services Transformation expert, Ravi has led teams in a challenging and high performance culture. He enjoys working directly with customers and demonstrating the positive impact of technology in business.

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david pensak: advisory board member

The inventor of the world’s first business firewall, the Raptor System, which was bought by AXENT Technologies (now Symantec), Dr David Pensak is a world-renowned innovator and entrepreneur. His career includes 30 years at Dupont, from which he retired in 2004 as their chief computer scientist. His specialties include: Computer security, innovation, organic chemistry, venture capital, advanced materials.

David’s innovative entrepreneurship and leadership continues with the Pensak Innovation Institute, his authorship of Innovation for Underdogs, and his work for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Innovation. He is currently on the faculty of the George Washington University School of Law, the University of Delaware Business School and is Professor of Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine.

Other career highlights include:

Chief Technology Officer, VI Laboratories

Founder of Vaporiety, Ubiquishield and Hemostable (cited by the Kauffman Foundation as one of the 50 most innovative startups in the world for 2011 - 2013)

Taught at Wharton - Innovention, the processes of Innovation and Invention

Current Entrepreneur-in-Residence at University of Virginia

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LES AKER: advisory board member

A globally recognised expert in intrusion detection, big data analytical services, cloud services, mobile app development, integration, design and development, Les Aker has more than 30 years of professional experience working as a computer scientist, innovator, and disruptive technologist in advanced technology research and development. Les is the President and Founder of Gondolin, Inc., and Les Aker Consulting; he is Managing Partner at Xulu Labs, Co-Founder of V.i. Laboratories and Authentica Security Technologies, a court appointed expert in US Federal District Court and Program Manager at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

Les is designer of the first successful prototype local area workstation for the Naval Key Distribution System (NKDS) which proved that paper key material used in government grade cryptographic systems could be securely replaced with electronically produced and managed key material. This system is now known as the Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) program managed by the US National Security Agency (NSA).