What is Fl@World

Big Data. Data Economy. It’s all about data.

The problem is that with ever increasing sources of data comes more processes, systems and applications that, all too often, don’t work together. They’re tangled and the data going in and out of them is unmanageable and a nightmare to deal with.

Fl@World is the solution. It's a single platform that brings together complicated and multiple structured and unstructured data sources to enable faster, frictionless more accurate decision making and seamless customer servicing.

With security and compliance built in, Fl@World is usable out of the box, to service the needs of your business. Usable across multiple locations and organisations, by as many, or as few people as required, to upload, view and utilize data with a click of a button.

With no need for expensive, specialised resources, Fl@World’s simple, scalable architecture results in efficiencies and agility delivered at previously impossible speed, effort and cost levels.

Whether you work in marketing, IT, digital or sales, Fl@World brings together data sources, allowing access to those who need it and enabling real-time business decision making and value-add customer servicing and combined offerings.

Fl@World is the tool that turns big data into Smart Data.

How It Works

Developed, refined and driven by deep global experience gained from Tier 100 companies and Silicon Valley startups in industries across Telecommunications, Energy/Resources, Financial Services and Media. Fl@World is a state-of-the-art technology ready for immediate deployment in your organisation.


Combine your data:

Out-of-the-box capability combines data from different systems, processes and applications from within or external to your organisation.

Whether you use your own on-premise computers or utilize public, private or hybrid cloud capabilities, Fl@World integrates simply with your existing security polices and technologies.   


Use only what you need:

Fl@World scales to your demands so you only use what you need, when you need it. Fl@World licensing is flexible and based on Smart Data Connection Points.

As an example, a Connection Point is created for an individual customer where all data relating to that customer is securely, selectively shared and utilized. Permissions on data sources are granted by the data owner. No permission - no data admission. 


Integrate with existing systems

With Fl@World you are more reactive and proactive to customer needs because you have access to all your data sources, not just some of them, at any one time. To do this, Fl@World integrates with legacy systems because it’s vendor neutral and technology agnostic. It’s a single platform that brings together data for accurate decision making and customer servicing.


Easy – Fl@World enables you to see all the data by integrating structured and unstructured data in a simple click. An easy to use interface means Fl@World is a better way to move and use data.

Powerful – Fl@World  enables you to understand your customers through a clearer and more secure view of all your data. 

 Out-of-the-box it gives you the capability to deal with the exploding challenges of data silos, data ownership, complex ecosystems, smart devices, IoT and the ever increasing complexity of customer demands. 

Fast  - Fl@World takes your data, your partners data and your customers data and creates a realtime view that can be immediately used to service customers better and provide curated data for machine learning.

Compliant - Fl@World's inbuilt auditing features, such as detailed logging, enable you to be regulatory compliant (GPDR, BCBS 239, etc.) without having to rework or bolt on reporting to your existing systems. 

Secure – Fl@World’s future proofed data security has state-of-the-art bank level encryption, with unique data access controls, which protects data and lets data owners control how their data is shared and with whom.

Cyber Insurance – Secure customer data = secure reputation. Fl@World gives you the capability to mitigate your risk of data leakage, while still giving you the ability to connect with your ecosystems, partners and customers.


Designed for large scaling and the complexities of real-life, Fl@World is the key infrastructure

for you to unlock your global, digital economy opportunities.


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Data is complex; with multiple sources, growing every day, increasing regulations,  compliance needs and more sophisticated threats. Fl@World is secure, compliant, fast, frictionless and easy for users across different divisions and/or organisations to use. To find out more about how Fl@World can turn big data into Smart Data for you, complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch to organise a demonstration.


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