Control your data today. Create value tomorrow.


Organisations like yours want to capitalise on the data economy. You understand the value of data for delivering seamless customer and employee experiences, supply chain integration, driving innovation and new business models.

But its a struggle to meet the demand to securely manage and share data within and between organisations in real-time: stitching together systems and applications, all filled with data, that weren't designed to work well together; whilst managing the exponential increase of structured and unstructured data; and ensuring data compliance and security.

The result. There is no unified view of the customer or your company. Compliance is a risk. You don’t know what data you have, and what you don’t, to start plugging holes in the customer experience, removing biases and applying AI, or identifying opportunities for innovation and business growth.

In fact 80% of people’s time is spent managing data and only 20% analysing it (IDC, 2018), when it should be the other way round.


Fl@World is a next generation data ecosystem technology that empowers people to securely share, integrate and analyse data, within and between organisations and technologies, through a real-time unified view.


Fl@World forms real-time data ecosystems within and between organisations, new and legacy technologies for data to flow frictionlessly

Designed to facilitate dynamic collaboration with entities within and outside of the organisation, Fl@World enables disparate systems, processes and applications, new and legacy technologies, all filled with data, to seamlessly work together.

With inbuilt privacy and compliance controls that deal with data provenance, legislation and auditing requirements out-of-the box, Fl@World empowers your people to share, integrate and analyse data, securely and frictionlessly.


A single, unified view of your customer or company

with customer analytics recorD

Fl@World provides a real-time unified view of the data and data relationships including data history, data journey, data sources and connections, at an individual and group level, producing a high quality customer analytics record (CAR). Data views update in real-time, feeding external Statistics, AI/Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning models to generate real-time actionable insights to enable next best action at point of interaction and decision.


Global compliance and security keeps PII safe


Fl@World ensures data is safe and secure, audited and access controlled, capturing a chain of evidence to meet compliance regulations around the world and keep personally identifiable information (PII) safe.

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Integrate structured and unstructured data


Fl@World’s universal translator flattens and integrates high volumes of structured and unstructured data, creating its own metadata layer without changing your data. This enables organisations to collect, store, share, integrate and analyse multi-party data in real-time.

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Cost-effective, easy to implement, scale and use by in-house teams


Fl@World is implementable same day with no need for specialist capability, and scales incrementally to grow with your business and data whilst keeping cost of operation including energy consumption low. Designed to be easy and efficient to use by everyone, every day. Now that’s democratising data.