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This page describes the terms and conditions that you need to agree with to use Fl@World Integration’s website.  As our terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice, we suggest that you check the terms regularly.

Who owns the website?

The Fl@World Integration website belongs to and is operated by FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd A.C.N.617 309 789.

Intellectual Property

All contents and graphics of this website remain the property of FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd. and are subject to Australian copyright laws.  This means that you cannot copy, reproduce, alter, edit, download, denature, transmit or distribute any component of the website for commercial purpose without asking for and receiving written permission from an authorised representative from FlatWorld Integration Pty Ltd.

If you want to copy parts of the website for your private, non-commercial use on your personal computer, we ask that you do not change or alter the images in any way or use the website and/or any component of the content therein for anything that breaks the law.

Nature of information

Fl@World Integration endeavors to publish information that is accurate, complete and current. If content is found to be incorrect, incomplete or out of date, we are committed to updating this as soon as we are made aware. In doing so, we will need to make changes to content without prior notice.

Checking information on the website and making an informed decision about whether a product is suitable for your needs is your sole responsibility. 

Links to other sites

We do not have any way of controlling how third parties sites use our content.  Existence of links and content on sites may not mean that we have approved its use nor are we responsible for availability on those sites and how the third party intends to use the content.

Personal information

Fl@World Integration will protect your personal information with the utmost care.  All information provided to us will be treated as strictly private and confidential and will never be disclosed to third parties without your consent.  Refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on our privacy practices.

Email communication

When you register with us, you will automatically subscribe to our mailing list for news and events.  You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

Availability of the website

Fl@World Integration cannot guarantee that your access to the network or the information contained on the website will be free of defect or that the network or services which stores the website and contents will remain free of viruses. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal computers and devices have the appropriate virus monitoring and screening software installed.

The website may from time to time be temporarily unavailable if we need to remediate identified defects, undertake maintenance or make improvements to the site. The website can also be affected by events outside of our control such as network connection between you and our website or our website and other networks.

Limitation of Liability

Fl@World Integration does not accept any liability:

  • For any inaccuracy, error or omission as regards information available on the website.

  • For any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party resulting in an alteration of information or items made available on the website.

  • And, more broadly, for any damage or consequential loss, for any reason as a result of (i) inability to access the website (ii) use of the site, including any harm or virus that may infect your computer or any other property (iii) illegal, misleading or fraudulent use of the website or the materials of this website, and/or (iv) credence given to any information coming directly or indirectly from the site,


Fl@World Integration relies on you to agree and comply with these terms and conditions, so if Fl@World Integration suffers loss or damage or incur any costs because you breach these terms, you agree to indemnify us for those losses, damages and costs. You also indemnify us from and against all actions, claims, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses arising out of your use of the website. 

Legal provisions

The website and its content are governed by the Laws of Australia, and any disputes relating thereto are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Fl@World Integration’s  terms and condition, please contact us at info@flatworldintegration.com