How it works

Fl@World has been developed, refined and driven by deep global experience gained from Tier 1 companies and Silicon Valley startups in industries across Telecommunications, Energy/Resources, Financial Services and Media.

This next generation data ecosystem technology is ready for immediate deployment in your organisation.



With Fl@World you are more reactive and proactive to customer needs because you have access to all your data sources, not just some of them, at any one time.

To do this, Fl@World integrates with legacy systems and new technologies because it’s vendor neutral and technology agnostic. It’s a single platform that brings together data for accurate decision making and customer servicing.


Fl@World’s out-of-the-box capability combines data from different systems, processes and applications from within or external to your organisation.

Whether you use your own on-premise computers or utilise public, private or hybrid cloud capabilities, Fl@World integrates simply with your existing security polices and technologies.

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use only what you need AND SCALE INCREMENTALLY

Fl@World scales to your demands so you only use what you need, when you need it. Fl@World licensing is flexible and based on Connection Points.

As an example, a Connection Point is created for an individual customer where all data relating to that customer is securely, selectively shared and utilized. Permissions on data sources are granted by the data owner. No permission - no data admission. 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

We’ve developed three set-up wizards to make Fl@World easy to use for in-house teams.

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People with deeper data and technology expertise can view, cut-and-dice and analyse data through their API or share to analytics technology.