Asset Management

  • Document/database realtime reporting

  • Integrated management console

  • Multiple system connectivity including building management, incident reporting systems, contractor monitoring, mobile web systems, automatic backlogging of maintenance databases

  • QR Code/RFID management of assets

Construction, Transport & Logistics

  • Automatic data control

  • Track and Trace

  • Supply chain management and ‘throttling’ information for alliance contracts

Data Brokering

  • Anonymised/Tokenised data for research

  • Personalised data sold/shared with permission of data owner

  • Government non-public selective data sharing


  • Personalised, private, out-of-classroom, education-ecosystems

  • Controlled connections and collaborations over specific content, coursework and exercises between student(s), teacher(s), tutor(s) and parent(s)

  • Private, directed discussions and monitoring by teacher(s), tutor(s), parent(s), of the personalised performance, progress and needs of student(s)

Event Management

  • Matching in-store inventory with online/special offers

  • Skip the line e-ticketing

  • Integrated concierge servicing

  • Multilingual emergency assistance

  • BYOD interaction with available facilities, services and applications

Financial Industry / Crypto Currency

  • Realtime inter-institution transfers and data updating

  • Provision of control and auditing requirements

  • Standardised/secure way of handling multi-party data integrity

  • Secure ‘clearing house’ enabling realtime back transfers to be set up with no need for point-to-point solutions or open distributed transaction ledger

  • Provision of infrastructure and controls removing need for open/openly exploitable technology

  • CRM/Back Office integration (file based CSV)


  • Integrated healthcare delivery systems & the consolidation of medical records [See IoT]

  • The viewing & following of healthcare processes via process transparency

  • Self service and self help to customers/employees/suppliers

  • A greater level of service to the consumer thus reducing service costs


  • Smart Clothing

  • Smart sensor networks

  • Personal heath (record and device) management

  • Docketless invoicing

  • Environment monitoring

  • Emergency Response management

  • Disaster impact measurement and relief management


  • Knowledge base and supply chain integration

  • People, products and services interaction

  • Hyper-personalised, realtime, multilingual, multi-currency interaction

  • Unified product/service offerings

  • Matching in-store inventory with online/special offers

  • Provenance tracking as a brand (where did my shirt come from; who made it; etc.?)

  • Provenance tracking for luxury items - confirmation of authenticity.

Smart & Connected Buildings/Communities/Cities/Transportation

  • Energy management

  • Maintenance scheduling/notification

  • Facilities/equipment monitoring

  • Emergency handling

  • Health and safety monitoring

  • BYOD interaction with available facilities, services & applications

  • QR Code/RFID management of assets