Optimise supply chain efficiency

With many suppliers and distribution/logistics channels - even if there are large ERP platforms such as SAP - there is lots of data flowing between suppliers, partners etc. This can be exacerbated with mergers as the business goal is normally to optimise efficiency, from unified buying to resource sharing there are tens to thousands of spaghetti data flows and ad-hoc processes.

Fl@World has Tier One data encryption at a granular (individual) level, including PII, as standard. Its inbuilt access control technology, combined with its chain of evidence capability, results in Fl@World being well suited for seamless, highly secure business/transactions and integrated supply chains, while providing industry leading levels of auditing and compliance reporting.

The next generation technology enables the storing and protection of data at scale and with a much lower cost of operation, which includes low energy consumption to benefit the sustainability of your supply chain.

Fl@World enables you to securely share, integrate and analyse data - structured and unstructured - from sources within and outside the organisation, providing a real-time unified view of the supply chain, and at an individual level. Empowering your people to optimise the supply chain.