Drive and optimise recruitment, retention and engagement

In the new digital era, data-driven strategies and activities are informing and inspiring employee recruitment, retention and engagement.

CHRO’s are leveraging new technologies to improve employee experiences across the employee lifecycle; automate routine tasks that enable employees to focus on more important strategic, creative work, and relationship-building; replace functional silos with cross-functional partnership and collaboration; provide insights that improve talent strategy and decision-making; integrate and align the employee experience with the customer experience.

This requires data integration across a number of systems, both within and outside the organisation, and the ability to analyse data and make decisions in real-time via a unified view of the employee, whilst keeping their PII safe.

Designed to facilitate dynamic collaboration, Fl@World removes silos, empowering your people to securely share, integrate and analyse data - structured and unstructured - from sources within and outside the organisation.

Fl@World provides a real-time unified view of the employee at an individual or group level, producing high quality customer analytics records (CARs). Data views update in real-time, feeding external Statistics, AI/Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning models to generate real-time actionable insights at point of interaction and decision.

Fl@World is a next generation data ecosystem technology that enables organisations to deliver a seamless personalised employee experience, and align the employee experience with the customer experience.