Drive sales and build brand equity with a seamless, frictionless customer experience

Omni-channel engagement drives uplift in sales and builds brand equity through consistently delivering experiences that live up to the brand promise, across every touch-point.

Understanding that the customer may exist across a wide range of entities, within and outside the organisation, the opportunity and challenge is how to recognise and understand the individual and drive deeper engagement, whilst keeping their PII safe.

Currently, 95% of organisations face obstacles when trying to get a single view of data (Vanson Bourne, 2018) because legacy systems and new technologies within and outside the organisation, all filled with data, don’t talk to each other. Attempts to stitch disparate sources together to enable data flow cost significant time and money, by which time the data is historic not real-time and the organisation is exposed to risks in data security and compliance.

Fl@World is a next generation data ecosystem technology that enables you to securely share, integrate and analyse structured and unstructured data from disparate sources within and outside the organisation. It provides a real-time unified view of the data and data relationships - including data history, data journey, data sources and connections - at an individual and group level, producing high quality customer analytics records (CARs).

Data views update in real-time, feeding external Statistics, AI/Machine Learning and/or Deep Learning models to generate real-time actionable insights at point of interaction and decision.

Fl@World empowers your people to create the hyper-personalised, real-time, secure experiences that customers expect.