Build trust in your organisation and its brands

With the advent of Governmental regulations such as GPDR  and a increasing awareness of data from a consumer perspective, having extremely strong security, controls, transparency of data use and compliance reporting is damaging for companies that do not have this in place. The vast majority of companies do not, even if they’ve invested significant time and money in this area.

Rather than just being viewed as a compliance challenge, with the right technology capability, this can also be pivoted to include the customer in dialog and ask for more data with the caveat their (the customer’s) data will only used with their permission.

Fl@World is a next generation data ecosystem technology with industry leading, data encryption at a granular (individual) level, including PII, as standard. Its inbuilt access control, combined with its chain of evidence capability, provides auditing and compliance reporting to improve risk management; and provides assurance to customers that only permissible data is used.

Aligned to global compliance frameworks and ensuring data security and PII safety, Fl@World empowers your people to securely and compliantly share, integrate and analyse data within and between organisations, technologies and entities.