Advance your analytics, machine learning and AI capability

Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) rely on high quality data. But most organisations are struggling to achieve the data quality and integrity they need.

Fl@World is a next generation technology, developed to solve your data problems and provide the platform for Analytics, Machine Learning and AI, based on extensive experience with statistical, AI/Machine Learning modelling and data visualisation.

Data provenance and chain-of-evidence are core capabilities of Fl@World, essential for Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to a) understand where the data came from and b) understand the quality of the data to enable you to take next best action based upon timely, reliable and trusted data.

Fl@World enables people to securely share, integrate and analyse structured and unstructured data from sources within and outside the organisation. It provides real-time unified views which are used to feed and develop statistical, machine learning and/or deep learning models. This creates a real-time feedback loop so that external AI/ML models can a) determine and notify the customer of the next best action (individually customized experience) b) continually update themselves using the real-time data and c) ensure data encryption at a granular (individual) level, including PII, as standard.

By optimizing the completeness, consistency, accuracy, validity, and timeliness of the data collected to produce high quality customer analytics records, Fl@World empowers your people with the tools and data to apply statistical, machine learning, AI and/or deep learning models to your data.