Democratise data with one easy-to-use data technology platform

One of the keys to a data driven culture is making the data accessible for everyone to use.

Richard Joyce, Senior Analyst at Forrester stated, “For a typical Fortune 100 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income.” 

However data is often held within the systems and technologies of functional silos, which all have their own data language and usage logic; and systems that attempt to integrate the data are not easy to use.

Fl@World is a next generation data ecosystem technology that integrates data from multiple disparate systems and technologies into one data technology platform, with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

We have embedded the process of what traditionally was coding, conversion, controls etc. into three simple-to-use wizards. You can have a non-tech specialist get your data loaded, published and utilized in less than a day (it can be minutes).

With its inbuilt access controls, Fl@World ensures that only people with permission to access the data can.

And as Fl@World doesn’t waste time and energy in converting the data, it is efficient to operate across the organisation.

Designed to be easy and efficient to use by everyone, every day, Fl@World empowers your people to securely share, integrate and analyse data. Now that’s democratising data.